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I am a massage therapist by trade but massage isn't all I do. I am a healer who aspires to heal the body through nutrition, therapeutic touch, emotional repatterning and movement. The body talks and I listen.

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Back to School, Back to Work!

Back to School, Back to Work!
I am back from a blessed and much needed summer break with my family. It was a beautiful, HOT fun summer and I am ready to hit the ground running with my massage practice. I am starting out doing outcalls (in-home) massage for the time being. 60 min - 2 hour appointments available for both Massage and Repatterning sessions in the comfort of your own home!

Issaquah residents $100/hour for outcalls.
Additional locations will vary in price depending upon distance.

Services Available:
Therapeutic Massage -
deep massage for athletes, injury treatment, post-op and tailored for client's individual needs.

Massage Cupping - Ancient Chinese Healing art. Suction cupping provides relief of pain and tight muscles. It lengthens tight fascia while breaking up scar tissue and adhesions "knots". Cupping also increases blood flow, lymph and speeds healing.

Relaxation Massage 

Aromatherapy - Using muscle checking with Organic Therapeutic Essential Oils, I carefully select the oil(s) that are best suited for your needs.

Table Thai Stretching - Nice, deep relaxing stretching session for the whole body. "Yoga for lazy people"
Psoas Release - Back or hip pain? Your Psoas is likely to blame. A simple psoas release coupled with movement exercises can cure back pain.
Structural Bodywork - a series of 10 sessions that focus on lengthening shortened fascia and aligning the structure through bodywork and a series of movement exercises.
Acupressure - Like Acupuncture but without the needles. Acupressure can help alleviate a wide variety of complaints and issues in the body that are caused by energy blockages or the blockage of Chi through the meridians (energy channels). The Chinese say that when Chi is blocked that is when pain, disease and dysfunction result.
Resonance Repatterning - A type of therapy that uses muscle checking and various healing modalities and tools to raise our vibration and energy levels. RR helps us resonate with our goals and create change in our lives more easily. If you feel stuck, or frozen or like you are in a vicious cycle and can't break it RR could be the solution! Try a mini session today for free with any other service.
Craving more info? Visit: www.resonancerepatterning.org

Hope to see you soon!
Caitlin Hancock, LMP